Wednesday, 28 July 2010

After work

I got in from work yesterday, fancied a skate but decided on giving the GS a little clean instead (it needed it, and may need a little more). Roll on tonite so I can go for a ride.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I got out of hospital on Wednesday afternoon, feeling a bit weak and looking some what jaundiced!! Worked Thursday and Friday, had a gig ( on the Friday eve was a good laugh snapped a string and enjoyed a few bevvies........ a bloody great helping hand in my recovery!

Along came Saturday felt a bit on the hungover side in all honesty. Tried a bit of skating no luck at all. Was going to do some work on Donald's (of North Star Tattoo fame) bike but no parts had arrived. This all worked out handy as my girlfriend Bridie ( had just returned from Uganda so I could get to spend more time with her in her jet-lagged state!

Felt bloody fresh on Sunday and decided it was time for a ride. Got hold of Aaron ( and we went for a potter around our local North Yorkshire roads it was lovely. I still seem to have the same problem though. NO BLOODY CAMERA, I really need to invest in one. Them maybe I can learn this art of riding shots!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Under the weather

I was saying in my last blog that had been struck down by illness, well...... turns out it was pretty fucking bad. I got some sort of food poisoning which led to some infection type shit which all ended up with me being in hospital strapped up to a drip. I then had to supply blood samples on a regular being woken up at 3a.m. so somebody can stab you in the arm is no fun. They gave me some pretty powerful pain killers though at one point.

Its pretty shit when your shacked up and cant do the things you enjoy. I'm going to take advantage of my freedom have a tinker bout' with the GS and cover a few miles this weekend get some goodness flowing back through me body. I ain't been out on a bike or skateboard in a while and being stuck in a fucking hospital made me feel that.

Thursday, 15 July 2010


SHIT, aint been on here in time. nowt really to say i guess. sold me sportster. still got the gs though. been on holiday to it was ace. whisky in hot tubs and such. been skateboarding alot though but have been struck down with illness which is shit. oh well best pull me finger out and write on this thing more. in the meantime drink this.