Thursday, 25 February 2010


Been a little busy, which means I've been lagging behind on the blog front. Went to Scorton autojumble with Paul for a bit of a look around, bought some little bits and bats for the Triumph aswell as a good cup of tea and a bacon butty. I'll be going to Rufforth autojumble in week or so on the same mission (bacon and tea).

In the meantime I found this beauty on facebook. I dont know who it belongs too or who took the photo but I like it.

Saturday, 13 February 2010


When I first started work at the job I'm currently at I was overwhelmed with old copies of BSH. These kick started my love of custom motorcycles, I had liked bikes before due to my dad, but the things I saw and read about blew me away. There was an added bonus that my now boss and very good friend Paul was not only enthusiastic about custom motorcycles but had built a couple himself, a few have graced the pages of BSH.

Fast forward a couple of years, bike test past and knowledge of bikes growing. I begin to meet more people interested in the custom motorcycle world and who have also built stunning bikes of there own.

Anyway... one Farmyard Party I show up with Paul and set me tent up start drinking and see this Triumph all rusty and cool looking, then Paul is like 'Rob tell us what's wrong with the bike?'. I look around around it........ The heads the wrong way!!! Turns out its Pete's and that's where I first met him and the bike. Following year at Farmyard Party we all show up Pete is there again we drink some beer and what not. The next day I ride my Ironhead down to the show and Pete rides his Triumph. He bloody won a prize for it. Ace.

Just recently Pete had a write up in BSH about the Triumph, whilst reading it I soon found that Pete's bike was once Old Blu a famous show bike in British custom history. A bike that I had read about in one of the old BSH copies from a few years earlier. This bike has more history than the May 92' issue I had read but it was still enough for me to sit up and think... WOW!!! Anyway I dug the old issue out and took a picture of them together just for the sake of it!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Skateboards Save!

Got my skateboarding tattoo done a while ago now, shame its been too shitty to tackle the towns, roads and cities of North Yorkshire in recent months on skateboard or bike.
Thanks to Don @ North Star Tattoo....