Sunday, 27 March 2011


Bridie took this photo with my little camera, its the reflection of the sunset in door opposite our room.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


.... keeps you cool. Check it.
(in this case it actually does on these hot QLD nites)

Bundaberg Skatepark

Tried to do a 360degree type photo here but I cant take too many on me camera so here's the rough thing. Seems ok a lil sketchy in places but my skating is a lil' sketchy at the mo' so it could just have been me. Nice to skate, it seems hard to find time and I'm starting to feel like I maybe lacking some tricks I should be able to do. Guess I gotta try harder.

The Life For Me

Got what I need and what I need is what I got (well, minus a motorsickle), just before a 14 hour trian ride.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Bat Time

Every nite, about the same time its 'Bat Time'. Thousands of bats take to the sky its a impressive site. The first time I ever saw this was our first nite in Bundaberg and we were on our return from Pizza Hut and it was just like a massive fast moving cloud above us. Some of the little critters fly fair low too!!

Monday, 14 March 2011

jake josh troy

Photos, Josh and me (with Josh's mum too!!!!). Me and Jake, Jake, Josh and Uncle Troy. These guys were awsome good times.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

mother fuck

Its been sooooo fucking long forgot bout' this.
WEll, what to report. Massive amounts of boozing and fun. I've also taken up trying to earn slide guitar and some delta blues type shit but that aint working so well. I'll get there.
Bridie and I now own a laptop so blog shit will be more often. We have moved from Sydney to Bundaberg the journey took 14hrs by one train then 4 by another. It was cheaper than flying, bags and the like, also I dont have a hard case for my guitar so it seemed easier, plus we got to see a fair bit too.
As for Sydney its a sweet place easy to get stuck though and its a money eater. We were living in the area Maroubra famous for its surf and the Bra' Boys. If you get a chance watch the documentary, I may even have the link for it. I may put it up. We were living with a great set of people, Jake, Josh and Troy..... they took out on events and to see there family for christmas (there will be a blog post dedicated to them shortly). Before then I lived in Coogee. Good pub, good beach, good people. Most of my pictures from Coogee were deleted in some "Rob is shit a technology" act. BASTARD. So I dont have a massive amount of Sydney photos. Bridie Does I'll nick em' soon.

Met some sick skaters too, Maroubra park is sick as fookers like!! There was a chap from Europe, Jan and an American dude, Alan. Alan made a video of us shredding.... ill post it one day soon.

Alan and Jan recapping on Skate footy.
A shit update I know but I'm shit with computers. But things will be more up to date in the future now.