Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sportster Lust.

I sold my Ironhead to help fund my trip to Australia and to be honest I haven't missed it all that much. Sure when it was first sold I was gutted, but I have the bonnie project to do and I have the GS sat there too so its not like I dont have bikes. With this trip coming to an end though I have been getting a massive lust for a Sportster. So I did the internet thing and now have myself in need of an evo Sporster to do some sort of Brat/Crazy Orange style of thing which hopefully wont cost me to much cash. SO..... I have a bike frame and bike and a front end off a savage for possible for sale to help the sportster fund.
Another thing, does anybody know of a crash damaged (not to fucked) one in need of a new home and repairs? Or where I could get one? Its a while off but ideas.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Roll on

This wall was steeper than it looks. fun too.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Semi drunk new pad pool action!!

Reppin' INDCSN too.

Get back on it lad

Went to darkside skateboard shop/museum yesterday (a proper tour of this joint with photos soon). A fucking sick place. The dude there gave me a list of all the local parks, maybe I'll go have a sesh. I havent been skating much at all while I've been out and about and thats due down to the fact its shite to skate on your own. All the kids here seem to skate massive bowls of death, and massive boards too. They dont skate smaller than 8 1/2'' but I was told some of the parks have good some street so some photos of tricks and possible videos.

Quick plant at Airlie beach (bout' two days before the infamous van breakdown)

Monday, 8 August 2011

Keep on, keeping on

So yeh, now down in Goldie living with me aussie pal Joshy who I crashed with in Sydney. Getting back on the feet and all that stuff. There is skate parks and surf here (if me surf was any good).

Shitty van death

Well so the cost of the van repairs were bigger than I thought. Not to worry I think its fixed now. 40kms down the road. NEGATIVE. Shitty van death. Fucking cunting bastards taking me cash. Gonna find away to get it back man. The road side assist took us down to Gold Coast for free which is quite a treck from where we were stuck, I guess that aint all that bad. So yeh fucker right.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Stuck (soulda gotta bike)

Was hoping to bless people with pics of lovely things and piss you all off with what fun I'm having. Well this is not the case. I'm stuck in a little town with nothing to do. The money I have left cannot be spent on beer and/or fun. This is all part of the adventure though....

So the van took us bout 770km to Airlie Beach where we spent a week drinking boating and beening merry. There was some running issues on the way the cooling system was a bit sketchy so a quick thermostat change and all was good. There was also something that was a bit like a fuel issue going on new fuel filter and clean the carb back together and more road trippy shit. Then the same issue started again. Then again..... and again, on our way back down. Good job I got road sise assist. So we get picked up and taken to a little town with a garage and now we are waiting for repairs. The carb has been serviced, new manifold gasket. But, through more inspection it seems some bolts have snapped at some point causing the mainfold to move about and wear, which must have got worse so there is a massive a leak causing it to run like shite. The dudes on with it are ok and they are keeping the price down for me. Just waiting on a new manifold. Should be outta here soon.

Good times and short hair

Sad times.......

Put the nice pics up soon.