Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sportster Lust.

I sold my Ironhead to help fund my trip to Australia and to be honest I haven't missed it all that much. Sure when it was first sold I was gutted, but I have the bonnie project to do and I have the GS sat there too so its not like I dont have bikes. With this trip coming to an end though I have been getting a massive lust for a Sportster. So I did the internet thing and now have myself in need of an evo Sporster to do some sort of Brat/Crazy Orange style of thing which hopefully wont cost me to much cash. SO..... I have a bike frame and bike and a front end off a savage for possible for sale to help the sportster fund.
Another thing, does anybody know of a crash damaged (not to fucked) one in need of a new home and repairs? Or where I could get one? Its a while off but ideas.

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