Thursday, 28 July 2011

Stuck (soulda gotta bike)

Was hoping to bless people with pics of lovely things and piss you all off with what fun I'm having. Well this is not the case. I'm stuck in a little town with nothing to do. The money I have left cannot be spent on beer and/or fun. This is all part of the adventure though....

So the van took us bout 770km to Airlie Beach where we spent a week drinking boating and beening merry. There was some running issues on the way the cooling system was a bit sketchy so a quick thermostat change and all was good. There was also something that was a bit like a fuel issue going on new fuel filter and clean the carb back together and more road trippy shit. Then the same issue started again. Then again..... and again, on our way back down. Good job I got road sise assist. So we get picked up and taken to a little town with a garage and now we are waiting for repairs. The carb has been serviced, new manifold gasket. But, through more inspection it seems some bolts have snapped at some point causing the mainfold to move about and wear, which must have got worse so there is a massive a leak causing it to run like shite. The dudes on with it are ok and they are keeping the price down for me. Just waiting on a new manifold. Should be outta here soon.

Good times and short hair

Sad times.......

Put the nice pics up soon.